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Member Contact

Ben Cooper
Brittany Llewellyn 

Honey Bee Swarm Removal for Allegany or Garrett counties.


Jim Egros
Marjorie Llewellyn 

Swarm catches/removals. Split help. I can contact other members, should I not be able to help.

301-876-1839 Cell

301-463-2065- Home

If you would like to have your contact info entered here so members can get a hold of you, or to be contacted for swarm catch/bee removal, go to the contact section and drop your information, or email it directly to

I do swarm catches and bee removals from buildings and downed trees. I do contact other beekeepers when I cannot get to the swarm or I know that another beekeeper might be closer than me.

814-324-4550 Home

Swarm catches. Split help. I can contact another beekeeper if it is something I am not familiar with. MSBA member.

301-463-2065 Home

301-697-0054 Cell

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