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Pics From Around The Bee Community

"That is me, catching a swarm without any regular beekeeping equipment, last year just outside of Cumberland, MD. No proper veil, gloves or equipment to use. I "hived" them in a Staples box that reams of paper comes in. Hey, it worked!"

Been Cooper- (Wellerburg, PA)

Terri Hemelt (Finksburg Fields Apiary-Finksburg Maryland) "Honey bee getting water from vertical gardening system." 5/2015

"Eric Stoltzfus, 12 Years old with tall hive."

-Seth Stoltzfus - Briar Valley Apiaries in Bedford, PA

"Sometimes it has to be a two person job!"

Brittany Llewellyn- Lonaconing, MD

"Catching our first swarm on the farm out of a apple tree. It was a success!"

Marjorie Llewellyn- Lonaconing, MD


Photos and short videos from an evening with Ben Cooper and his students of the ACMCE: Beekeeping 101 class. *Clicking on a photo will open a slide show. To leave the slideshow, simply click the "x" in the upper right corner.

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