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nafiche 123
Jun 18, 2022
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There are also such products on the market, which attract users through a layer of fun, but such users do not last long, because users are interested in the layer of sugar coating, not the product. So there are many products now: (play + challenge) + (reward + goal) = game , the executive email list more you emphasize the reward, the user will be less interested in the product itself. 3. The real challenge Teacher: "This class is very interesting, and I will show you why it is important. First, I have prepared a executive email list question for you." This teaching attitude presents boring courses in an inspiring form. The previous topic will be challenging, but once successful, students will have a strong interest in this course. Learning is like this, and so is gaming. We need to understand the ability that users want to improve, then find the core challenge, and finally try to express it in a fun way (game). That way, the interest in the executive email list rewards that come with the challenge will continue. 3. How to make the challenge more exciting 1. Scarcity With scarcity comes pressure, but it also brings a lot of fun. A ticketing website reminds you that there are only three tickets left for a certain performance, and only two works of a certain artist are left for sale... The mos executive email list t outstanding Or domain name registration, by taking advantage of the scarcity of each domain name to encourage people to register domain names. Scarcity manifests by limiting time and power— Taking Alipay Energy as an example, if it exceeds a certain time, the energy will disappear. Through the scarcity of time, users are urged to open Alipay to collect energy in time; The scarcity of rights is exploited by many products: only executive email list members have a certain privilege, which prompts users to sign up for membership. 2. Timely feedback We want our actions to affect the world in some form - causal effects Take Sina Weibo as an example, how executive email list many people follow you, and give timely feedback to other users through the number of followers, which allows users to set a goal: to gain more followers. 3.
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